What is an Axepert?

Your Axepert is here to help make your visit as fun as can be!

What the Axepert does:

  • Greets you with a smile and checks you in!
  • Goes over all the safety rules - We want to ensure that everyone is being safe while enjoying their time!
  • Explains how to use the games - We have eight different games to choose from!
  • Helps with how to throw an axe - Axe throwing isn’t fun if you can’t hit the board! They will educate and work with anyone having trouble throwing throughout their reservation!
  • Grabs all of your food & beverages for you - We offer tons of canned alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, along with some air-fried bar food and snacks!
  • They are there to add more time if you wish! When you’re done they will check you out to conclude your axe throwing an experience!
  • Lastly, making sure everyone is having fun!! Axel's Throw House is all about creating a positive, fun, unique experience for our guests!!