Axe-Throwing Corporate Events


If you're searching for something more memorable than the usual company event, you've found it at Axel's Throw House. Readers of The Hippo voted us Best of the Best 2023 in two categories — the best spot for group outings, and the best spot for friendly competition. That makes us a top choice for corporate axe throwing near you in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Axel's is home to 15 private lanes where up to 90 people can throw at any given time. We also have high-top tables and seats at the bar to accommodate a total of 120 people.

3 Reasons to Host an Axe-Throwing Corporate Event

Axe-throwing events are a fun, unique way to reinforce your company's culture and promote its future success. There are lots of reasons to have a team-building event at Axel's, but here are our top three.

1. Raise Company Morale

The physical act of throwing stimulates the body to release endorphins, making the activity surprisingly stress-relieving. Sticking a target is even more exhilarating — and an instant mood booster. Those factors make axe throwing ideal for letting off some steam after a demanding project. Employees can associate these positive feelings with the company and their work, leading to improved morale in the long term.

2. Build Stronger Teams

When you book a corporate event with axe throwing in Nashua, you take the first step toward building a stronger team. Your staff can unwind with informal interaction beyond the company walls, where fun and laughter are priorities. The opportunity to get to know co-workers in a different way can positively influence working relationships. Our digitally projected games also encourage a spirit of teamwork and creativity your team can carry back to the office with them.

3. Support Continued Motivation

Axe-throwing events are a memorable way to celebrate company success and thank employees for their efforts. When you recognize them in a fun, unique way, it creates a desire to repeat the experience. That inspiration translates directly to a rejuvenated commitment to your organization and the work that makes the play possible.

Why Choose Axel's Throw House for an Axe-Throwing Work Event Near You?

At Axel's, we differentiate ourselves from other throwing lounges in the area in many ways.

Friendly Experts

No worries if you're new to axe throwing. Our team of Axeperts loves introducing guests to the skills they need to succeed. We'll also check in with your group regularly throughout the event to help ensure everyone's enjoying themselves.

Great Ambiance

Axel's decor has a Nordic Viking theme that enhances the atmosphere. We've also equipped our lounge with air conditioning, eight HDTVs and a TouchTunes jukebox with state-of-the-art speakers to maximize the comfort and fun.

Increased Safety

Each of our throwing lanes features a single target, so everyone throws individually for extra safety. We also use end-grain wood targets instead of simple pine boards. These allow the axes to plant better rather than bounce back. Plus, we have a unique protection system surrounding the targets. A missed throw will hit the wall mat before falling to another mat on the floor. 

Bar Food and Drinks

Our on-site bar offers a full selection of national beers, wines, seltzers, local craft brews and nonalcoholic beverages. Axel's also serves bar food. Plus, we offer catering for private events — pick barbecue or pizza, and we'll take care of the rest. 

10 Games to Challenge You

At Axel's, we go a step beyond the ordinary painted target. Our premier axe-throwing lounge offers 10 games with digitally projected targets to take the fun to the next level while promoting friendly competition and team-building. With games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Zombie Hunter, there's something for everyone.

Book Your Corporate Event With Axel's Today

Our lanes fill up quickly, so reserve your preferred time before someone else does. Schedule your outing by contacting us today.