Axe-Throwing Fundraiser Venue in Nashua

Looking for unique fundraising opportunities or a charity event space near Nashua, New Hampshire? You can spark the interest of supporters when you throw a fundraiser at Axel's Throw House.

We offer an exciting way to encourage donations for a worthy cause. Your guests can enjoy axe throwing, music, food and drinks at the charity event. We have up to 15 lanes available to accommodate 90 throwers at any given time, and our high-top tables and seats at the bar provide a way to host up to 120 people for your gathering. Axel's Throw House was named The Hippo readers' 2023 Best of the Best for Friendly Competition and Group Outings for a reason!

4 Benefits of Hosting an Axe-Throwing Fundraiser

Axel's Throw House offers a fresh and different venue compared to other fundraising ideas. Here are some reasons why choosing our space can benefit your charity events.

1. We Put the Fun in Fundraising

You'll draw a crowd when axe-throwing is involved. Whether guests want to score a bull's-eye or observe some competition, they'll have a good time at your event. We offer ways to keep everyone engaged and help raise revenue for your organization.

At Axel's Throw House, we provide a thrilling experience with 14 different games. Your guests can enjoy choosing from a wide array of options, including Standard Targets, Connect Four, Tic-Tac-Toe, Battleship, Black Jack and Candy Crush. Plus, we are always adding new games.

2. We Help You Raise Lots of Money

When you host a fundraiser at Axel's Throw House, you can raise a significant amount of money. We don't charge any fees to book your reservation. Plus, our event setting and included staffing are completely free!

We donate 75% of all the axe-throwing proceeds to your cause, potentially helping you raise several thousands of dollars in a few hours.

3. We Offer Food and Drink Options

Event planning is easier with us — all you have to do is spread the word with marketing and we can handle the rest! We have an on-site bar with bar food, and our team can also cater for your private gathering with our delicious barbecue or pizza. 

Our full selection of drinks includes wine, seltzers, canned cocktails, local craft brews, national beers and nonalcoholic beverages.

4. We Provide Coaching and Event Staff

When you host an event at Axel's Throw House, your guests can focus on having fun and supporting your cause while staying safe. Our axe-throwing experts, or axeperts, share in-depth instructions to ensure everyone understands the rules and has the skills to throw the axes. 

Each private lane features a single target for individual throwing. Our high-quality targets made of end-grain wood enable the axes to stick better. If you miss a throw, your axe will hit the mat and fall safely to the floor with an anti-bounce-back system. 

Choose Axel's Throw House for a Fundraiser Event Space Near You

Whether your guests are seasoned pros or want to experience their first toss, axe-throwing is exhilarating for young kids and adults. Our axes are lightweight enough for those aged 10 and older to handle. With coaching from our team, all participants will have the right techniques to succeed. 

You can keep everyone captivated and engaged with axe-throwing. The physical activity gets your adrenaline pumping and can be a real mood booster, especially when you hit the target. When your guests make unforgettable memories here, they'll look forward to your next fundraising event. 

Ready to Hit the Bull's-Eye With Your Fundraising Goals? Book Your Charity Venue in Nashua Today

Ready … set … bull's-eye! Reach your organization's fundraising goals at our private charity event space in Nashua, New Hampshire. To book your fundraising event, contact our team at Axel's Throw House today!